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Why Is Yard Drainage So Important?

Not only are the swampy and wet areas of your lawn an eyesore and make the yard unusable, but they can also be the sign of a future basement or crawlspace problem. Keeping the yard around your home relatively dry will go a long way in preventing basement seepage issues or foundation structural damage. It will even help your sump pump and how often it runs…basically keeping the water away from your home helps in a lot of ways.

How Can You Prevent Poor Yard Drainage?

1. Properly Installed Gutters and Downspouts – While it is important to keep your gutters clean of leaves and debris, it is also important to ensure that they are properly installed and attached to your home. Broken and/or dirty gutters will overflow onto the ground, saturating the grass and soil beneath them, leaving standing water near the foundation of the home and splashing the sides of the home. Short or unattached downspouts will contribute to the flooding of your yard rather quickly. It is important that your downspouts extend far enough out to keep water away from the building and are not crushed at the end or otherwise clogged.

2. Correctly Graded Lawn and Landscaping – Take note of where your yard has standing water, water flows downhill so maintaining a properly sloped yard will minimize the change of having a soggy yard. Planting beds and hardscape should help move the water away from the foundation, not prevent it. Making sure any improvements do not add to the issue, always ask your landscaper, “How does this impact the drainage of my yard?”

Sometimes due to the topography of your yard or the elevation of your home’s foundation, using the slope of the yard is not sufficient to handle the job and you need to utilize yard drainage items such as French drains, catch basins, etc.

3. Utilizing Storm Sewers- Many homes in an urban or suburban setting, especially ones in newer subdivisions, have access to municipal storm sewers. Connecting sump pump discharges, downspouts, and French drains directly to the storm sewer is ideal as the water collected/created by these items will go directly to the storm sewer and off your property. Sometimes this is the only way to prevent an over-saturated yard.

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