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What Is The Difference Damp-Proofing And Exterior Waterproofing?

Chances are good that if you find yourself asking this question that there is moisture entering your basement or crawlspace. Unfortunately, without proper prevention, water can find several ways into your basement and cause damage to both your personal items and the structure of your home. While both damp-proofing and exterior waterproofing will stop the water from entering, the next question will be for how long?

What is Damp-Proofing?

Damp-proofing is an asphalt-based coating that is typically applied by spraying it onto the foundation of the structure during the initial construction of the home. While it may be effective in preventing soil moisture from the interior structure, it fails to keep out liquid water and is unable to withstand changing temperatures. Due to its lack of flexibility, this material is unable to stretch or expand therefore as cracks begin to form in a concrete foundation, as will naturally happen over time, the damp-proofing will not fill in the cracks and crevices. As a result, these cracks will grow larger as the damp-proofing deteriorates.

Damp-proofing, initially, is often less expensive and a short-term solution, however, when it is to be replaced, the cost to have it reapplied is a different story. Damp-proofing is not a permanent solution for waterproofing your basement or crawlspace.

What is Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is an asphalt-modified urethane that when applied to the foundation of your home creates a membrane that prevents water from entering the basement or crawlspace from the outside. This flexible membrane can withstand extreme weather conditions and hydrostatic pressure.

This flexibility in the membrane will allow it to shift with the changes in your foundation, ensuring continued protection from exterior moisture. This ensures the membrane will stay in place and not give water an opening to further any issues that may arise in the base of your structure.

The investment in exterior waterproofing will be worth the long-term advantages it holds for the life of your foundation and home.

It is important to make an educated decision that is best for your home and its needs. If you are experiencing water in your basement and would like a FREE consultation, book online at or call 815-245-6890.