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Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

WaterproofingWater coming over the top of the foundation, through a masonry foundation wall (brick, stone or concrete block), through an old porous concrete foundation or if your basement is nicely finished are all reasons an exterior waterproofing membrane may be the best solution to keep your basement dry.

An exterior waterproofing membrane stops water before it has a chance to pass over or through the foundation wall. This eliminates the damage the water can cause to the foundation wall itself as well as the interior components of the building.

Installation of an exterior waterproofing membrane is relatively straightforward once the depth of the problem is properly diagnosed. If the issue is water coming over the top of the foundation, minimal excavation is required, the membrane only needs to be applied to six inches below the top of the foundation. If the problem is water passing through a masonry foundation wall or porous concrete wall, full excavation to the footing depth is typically required.

If you have water coming over the top of your foundation or through your foundation walls, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation. Our staff can help determine where the water is coming from and which exterior waterproofing membrane application is right for your situation. If you want to learn more about exterior waterproofing membranes, visit our Education Center.