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Drain Tile

Water can enter your basement through the foundation wall, the joint between the basement floor and the foundation wall (called the cove joint), from over the top of the foundation wall as well as through cracks in the basement floor. A drain tile system is typically used to solve these issues.

Drain tile is a term used to describe a perforated pipe wrapped in filter fabric, set in stone and is typically tied into a sump pump system. Although, if the topography allows it, the system can be discharged to daylight via gravity. Drain tile can be installed on the interior or the exterior of the building.

In new construction, the drain tile is installed on the exterior of the building before the backfill is completed and typically is coupled with a waterproofing membrane that is applied to the exterior surface of the foundation wall. This allows the system to be installed at the depth of the footing and covered in stone very easily as there is no additional excavation required.

An exterior drain tile system can be installed on an existing building. It is a process that is labor intensive as it requires excavation of the foundation but is often times the best solution for older, porous foundation walls.

Exterior drain tile can be a very costly option due to the removal of porches, decks, driveways and landscaping in order to excavate the foundation wall to the depth of the footing. For most existing buildings a more cost-effective solution for a wet basement is the installation of an interior drain tile system.

An interior drainage system installation is a relatively quick procedure of installing a drainage system beneath the exterior perimeter of your basement floor that typically takes 2-4 days. Once the floor is patched and the concrete is dry, the basement can be put back into normal use or finished as the interior drainage system will keep the space dry for years to come.

If you have water coming through the foundation walls, through cracks in the basement floor or if you are getting water but have no idea where it is coming from, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation. Our experienced staff can help determine where the water is coming from and help you find the repair that is right for your situation. If you want to learn more about drain tile systems, visit our Education Center.