Common Problem: Water in Yard

yard drainage contractors

Do you have that problem spot in your yard where, every time it rains, there’s a puddle? If this spot is close to your home, especially around your foundation, that puddle can cause major damage including sinking, settling, foundation cracks, leaks, and more! The best ways to avoid this are proper gutter installation and making sure they stay clean, especially during the rainy season, and making sure any grading issues around your foundation are fixed.  You may need yard drainage contractors to help you fix these problems. If your foundation is also experiencing problems, Midwest Waterproofing can help you with yard drainage and foundation repair!

Midwest Waterproofing, your Yard Drainage Contractors

yard drainage contractor

Contact us to schedule your free inspection and estimate. We provide a variety of services from yard drainage to waterproofing and foundation repair. We’ll give you all the solutions you need to fix your foundation and keep your home safe. Underground downspouts, sump pump extensions, or installing a more complex drainage system which may include French drains and surface drains which will collect surface water and discharge it to a storm sewer if one is available, are all solutions to water in your yard. We will be able to tell you which options are best for your specific situation. Curious about financing options? We can help you there as well!

If the water in your yard has already caused foundation issues, you may need underpinning or wall anchors to support your foundation. This will also fix any foundation cracks, leaks, and more. For these services in the northwest Illinois area, make sure to contact us here at Midwest Waterproofing! We use top quality repair products from Earth Contact Products (ECP), so you can be sure your repairs will last a lifetime. Give us a call to schedule your inspection or to learn more.