Winter Weather’s Effect on Your Foundation

winter weather foundation

We are heading into the heart of the winter. The average temperature in January for Chicago is 30 degrees and February is more of the same. These endless days of freezing temperatures can have a detrimental effect on your foundation.

The ground surrounding your home is perpetually damp. Except in extreme drought conditions, the soil is saturated. Add freezing temperatures to the mix and we get a phenomenon known as “frost heave”.

As water freezes it expands. This can force anything at or below the surface to move upward like squeezing a tooth paste tube. This can be seen when pavers or fence posts seem to magically be jutting upward when you begin your spring projects.

As the freeze continues the frost line goes deeper and puts tremendous force on your foundation. Cracks, leaks, seepage all can occur and a block foundation is more at risk because of the nature of the composition of the hollow concrete block.

Tell tale signs of a foundation issue can be doors and windows that are hard to close, cracks that suddenly appear in the drywall specifically in corners of windows and doors. If your basement is finished, if the bottom of the wall appears to be moving outward, that is a sign of a foundation issue.

When you head downstairs to do the laundry or watch tv, take a moment to look around for signs of foundation damage. The good news is Midwest Waterproofing has the experience and skill to fix any foundation issue. Call us at:  847-245-6890 or Book your appointment Online

Hurry Before the Weather Gets Too Cold

frozen downspout winter weather cold

The colder weather has a dramatic effect on the waterproofing business. Membrane, which is used for exterior waterproofing on problems such as over-the-top and foundation sealing cannot be installed when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

Sodium Bentonite exterior crack repair is adversely affected along with the installation of sump and downspout extensions.

Often at this time of the year we create a waterproofing solution for a client that contains elements at are affected by weather. We sometimes must wait until the spring to finish the install. The client finds it annoying and while its not ideal, we come back at the first opportunity to finish the work.


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