What to Expect When You Schedule an Appointment with Midwest Waterproofing

discussing sloping floor repair

Homeowners who discover water in their basement will call and make an appointment for one of our Waterproofing Experts to come out, diagnose the issue and offer an estimate for a complete solution. But we often wonder if homeowners know what to expect from a visit with a waterproofing contractor. A typical Midwest Waterproofing appointment lasts from 30-45 minutes. However, when dealing with more complicated issues, such as foundation repairs, an appointment can last several hours over the course of a few visits. Our goal is to be sure the client understands the issue as well as the solution.

Water seeping into a person’s home is a very personal issue. We’ve had clients tell me they feel like their house was “invaded”. We had one client tell us she didn’t want to live there anymore, because she considered the house to be “damaged goods” and it would never be the same.  

With every homeowner, as soon as we greet them at the door, we ask them to have a seat at the kitchen table or the living room and talk. We want to hear the problem and know how it is affecting the client even before we look into the issue. Also, we want to know what the optimal solution would be in their words.  Many times, a client will tell me “I just want it the way it was before”. We can do that.

We Bring Experience to the Appointment

With the larger companies you will meet with a salesman who has had some training but may have sold insurance prior to this job. You have to hope his training was very, very good and understands the business well enough to offer a solution that will work. With Midwest Waterproofing you should expect to meet with the owner. That is extremely rare in the waterproofing business.

When we enter the basement, the client usually goes right to the area where the water appeared. This however, may not be where the actual leak is occurring. For example, in a finished basement, the water could run behind the wall a good distance before finding a gap to seep through. The Midwest Waterproofing Expert will look at the entire basement and not only look for seepage, but contributing factors such as downspouts that drain right against the foundation. We check things inside and out. Our Waterproofing Experts will often run a hose to confirm their diagnosis. Nothing gives the homeowner more confidence in the solution than having their seepage experience duplicated right before their eyes.

The Waterproofing Expert will also ask you a series of questions.

  • When do you notice the seepage?
  • How long has this been an issue?
  • What is the plan for the basement?
  • What do you use the basement for?
  • Do you have a sump pump? (He will also explain the difference between a sump pump and an ejector pump)
  • Do you have a battery backup or backup generator?
  • Do you travel a lot?

These questions are designed to fully understand your situation so we can create a waterproofing solution that is customized for your needs. For example, an older couple who travel often needs a battery backup sump pump to avoid disaster when they are away.

When the inspection is complete, the house has been examined in and out and a hose run, the client is invited back to the kitchen table to discuss the solution options and pricing. We have several ways to solve the same problem because no two situations are identical. We tailor the solution to the client’s lifestyle, needs, type of foundation and the future for their basement. We explain thoroughly the solution, how it’s completed, what to expect and of course pricing. We will offer you all the options available and discuss each one so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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