Large vs. Small Waterproofing Companies

large vs small waterproofing companies

Large vs. Small Waterproofing Companies

A consumer has several choices when it comes to waterproofing contractors. Some are huge corporations with hundreds of employees and lots of resources and expenses. Others are franchises that utilize a standard set of policies, procedures and products that that purchase from national company. Between those extremes are the companies that are built on knowledge, experience and independence.


A very large waterproofing company has the advantage of marketing and advertising on a huge scale. Their phones ring off the hook during and after rains. The downside to that is it may take weeks before a representative can get to your home for a consultation and the cost of that advertising is also priced into their proposal. If you do choose them, you may have to wait months for installation. 

Large waterproofing companies have a lot expensive of resources. Being so large they are very slow to change and their solutions are usually one-size-fits-all. You are just one of thousands of customers. And keep in mind who is paying for all those signs along the expressway. Some companies offer only one solution, the most expensive of course, for virtually every issue. It keeps their profits high but customer satisfaction low.


Franchisees are required to use certain products and certain procedures. This tells us they know little about construction. Midwest Waterproofing only uses the best materials from trusted suppliers whose products we have been using for decades. Not every waterproofing situation is the same. We tailor your solution to your problem by leveraging our 30+ years of construction experience. Franchisees tailor their solution to your problem. They make it fit. We customize it.


A smaller company offers custom solutions, are very nimble and flexible and extremely attentive to their clients. Smaller companies like Midwest Waterproofing do the same work, with the same materials from the same suppliers and offer the same warranties but for a reasonable cost. Simply put, you aren’t paying for those cute commercials and billboards but are getting the very same materials and much better customer service. And, you probably will talk to the owner at your first consultation.

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