Why Do I Need A Back-Up Sump System?

sump pump installation

battery back up sump pumpI’ve been in thousands of homes in my waterproofing career and some have very expensive finished basements. I’ll always ask if a client has a battery back-up sump pump. I ask because a properly sized back-up system can be a very inexpensive insurance policy against a flooded basement. Many homeowners think insurance will cover the damage. It might. Have you checked? Often the details reveal a different story.

Even if you have coverage, imagine your beautiful basement flooded. Everything is ruined. Everything needs to be torn out and thrown away. Lost priceless family belongings. The smell is overpowering, not to mention the mold and the invasion of workers doing cleanup, remediation, and rebuilding the basement. Scheduling, noise, dust, inconvenience, time off work…all this because your sump pump failed.

Why Do I Need One?

Water never stops. Gravity never stops. The weakest point of any waterproofing system is the mechanical part. During a powerful storm is when you need your system the most. Ironically, that’s the exact time when your system is most vulnerable to power outages. Our Battery Back-up Sump Pump System kicks on automatically when the power fails and can function flawlessly for several days. Also, a Midwest Waterproofing Battery Back-up System will operate in the case of a primary pump failure and alert you to the issue. You are never without an operational pump.

Can I Install a Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Myself?

Invariably I hear the homeowner say, “I’ll just pick one up at Home Depot.” This is not a good idea. A cheap, undersized back-up sump pump can be rendered useless if not installed correctly, maintained regularly and tested often. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a full day or weekend, the tools, materials, and experience to install a battery back-up system?
  • Extra PVC (1-1/2″ or 2″ pipe), connectors, primer, glue, freeze stops and check valves laying around for added discharges?
  • How about your electrical skills? Can you install a dedicated outlet and a new circuit breaker?
  • Are you willing to pour acid into the battery, charge the system and check the water levels regularly?  
  • Do you know if your pit and pumps are sized correctly with the appropriate GPM’s and head pressure to handle the water in your system?
  • Do you know the building codes in your area and how to keep your discharge system from freezing and the water away from the house?  
  • How about the warranty? Will you be standing in line at Home Depot with your “Limited Warranty” pump during a storm trying to get a replacement while your basement fills with water?


A professionally sized and installed battery back-up sump system will keep your system functioning seamlessly for several days without power. Your Waterproofing Expert will use a formula to calculate the amount of water your system produces based on several factors. System length, Gallons Per Minute, Head Pressure, and more go into calculating an appropriate Battery Back-up Sump System.  We professionally install the entire system and it comes with an in-home repair or replacement warranty.

Our Battery Back-up Sump Pump Systems start at about $1000 and can exceed $5000.  We have the expertise to install a system for the average home or an elaborate system with dual pumps and pits, back-ups and connection to the sewer system.

Now is the time to contact Midwest Waterproofing to discuss a Battery Back-up System with your Waterproofing Expert. Click here to Book Online or call 815-245-6890

Don’t DIY your Sump Pump Installation

sump pump installation

Have you ever been in a situation where your basement has had leaks, puddles, or even flooding? It can be a scary situation because it can ruin your possessions, causes damage to your basement, and it is hard to clean up. It can also lead to a number of problems down the road including mold and mildew, wood rot, and even pests! So how do you protect your basement from water damage?

There are a few steps you can take to keep water away from your basement and your foundation, but easily one of the most important ones is a sump pump. If you experience water in your basement regularly–for example, each spring–then a sump pump is a must for you, especially if you do not have one already.

Waterproofing and Sump Pump Installation

sump pump installation

A sump pump is a basin that is placed at the lowest part of your basement. All water will drain into and when enough water is inside, it will turn on and pump the water away from your home. In other words, it is energy efficient since it does not run all the time; only when it needs to. What happens if the power goes out?

Battery backup sump pumps provide you safety during storms, flash flooding, etc. If the power goes out, your battery backup sump pump will turn on and provide you with instant peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your basement flooding if your power goes out! It’s definitely something you will want to consider when looking into sump pump installation.

Sump Pumps: Not a DIY Project

Sump pumps are a very integral part of a home, especially in places like the Midwest that gets lots of seasonal rain and flooding. If not installed correctly, your basement and even your home could flood, causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages. You want to make sure your home is protected, so make sure to hire a professional. It may be more expensive, but it is a much safer way and you can be sure that you will avoid much more costly repairs. We can provide you with waterproofing services including sump pump installation and battery backup sump pump installation. Give us a call here at Midwest Waterproofing! You can also book your appointment online.

Is That a Sump Pump or an Ejector Pump?

sump pump installation

At Midwest Waterproofing we strive to educate homeowners to as to how the mechanical systems in their home work. Our best customer is an educated customer. We take the time to not only explain how our solution will fix the problem but how other systems work and how they can contribute to the problem. I often run into homeowners who mistake their sump pump with their ejector pump. Let’s see if we can clear up the confusion.

Lets start with the main differences. Simply stated the sump pump moves ground water. An ejector pump moves, how shall we say, dirty water.

First, the sump pump. Your home may have a perimeter drain tile system that gathers water and collects it into a sump pit. The pump discharges this water to the exterior. There are exceptions such as the City of Chicago. A proper exterior discharge system is vital. Water needs to be at least 10’ away from the foundation. Midwest Waterproofing is an expert in sump pump discharge systems.

A common misnomer is that the sump pump running is bad, that it means there is water under the house. Actually this is a good sign. You want that ground water, which is under every house, moving into the drain tile system and discharging outside. If it’s raining and your sump pump is not kicking on, that’s not a good sign. Call Midwest Waterproofing for a sump pump check-up. The lifespan of a good quality pump is 5-7 years. Give us a call for a free consultation if you think your pump is beyond its useful lifespan.

The Ejector pump moves water from the sink, washing machine, etc. and discharges it into the sewer or septic system.  If there is a basement bathroom, the ejector pump move effluent from the shower, toilet and sink. An ejector pump rests in a closed system that is vented to remove gasses. A sump pump rests in an open system that is collecting ground water from around the foundation.

Midwest waterproofing does not handle ejector pump issues. We can direct you to a Partner Provider who can help. We strongly recommend a battery backup pump. A power outage can render your sump system worthless in a storm, when you really need it. Contact Midwest Waterproofing at 815-245-6890 or Book Online.