What We Can’t Do for You

drain pipes

When we have rainfall like we have experienced recently, a homeowner my see some seepage or walk on a wet carpeting in their basement and immediately call Midwest Waterproofing. We love the fact that when you see a water problem, you immediately think of us. However, sometimes there are issues involving water that we do not handle. We firmly believe that we are the best in waterproofing and we want to stay in our lane, so to speak. That’s why we won’t delve into plumbing issues like leaky pipes or backed-up sewers. When we get a call, we ask a series of questions that are designed to dig into the problem and ensure it’s something we are experts in and can offer solutions. Occasionally we do get calls about things we do not repair. In those cases, we are happy to offer a referral to one of our partner providers or explain what the issue could be.  Here are some problems you might experience that we are not experts in.

Plumbing Problems

We do not handle plumbing problems. How do you know whether or not the water is from seepage or plumbing? Here are some tips:

If you are in the city and the water is coming up from the floor drain, it is a plumbing issue. (I know, it seems odd, but the floor drain in the city is connected in most areas to the sewer system. That would require a flood control system. We would be happy to give you a referral to a plumbing partner provider)

Is the water dripping from above? That is either a leaky supply pipe or a leaky drain line. Both would have to be repaired by a plumber.

Is the water coming in from behind a washing machine? It could be the supply or drain lines are leaking. If so, it’s a  plumbing repair.


Is the water coming in from the chimney? This one is tricky. Chimney’s are hollow cavities. If the water is dripping from the cleanout, it’s most likely condensation. If you had a new furnace or high-efficiency water heater installed recently, call the installer and have them check it out.

In the summer, is the water leaking from around the furnace? Again, a tricky one, but check the condensation lines from the furnace. It could be a loose or broken condensation line.

Another problem we see on occasion is what we call “above grade issues”. That is when a window, calking, roof problem or condensation is allowing water in and it cascades down a wall and pools on the floor in the basement. Running a hose on a dry day and soaking the suspected area usually reveals the problem.

We are Here to Help

When you call Midwest Waterproofing, expect an expert to guide you in the right direction. If that is making an appointment, walking you through the process of inspecting your condensate lines or giving you a plumber referral, we are here to help. Call 815-245-6890 or Book Online today!