over the top membrane

One of the more interesting waterproofing issues and one of the simplest to repair is what is called “over the top”. There is an inherent weakness on a house where the foundation and first course of brick at the bottom meet. A poured concrete foundation can be as much as 12” thick where the first course of brick sits on a bed of mortar that is barely 3” thick. The problem occurs when landscaping is stacked up against the house covering this joint. Water is allowed to sit here and freeze/thaw cycles slowly crack and break out the mortar. The result is a stream of water cascading down the foundation wall. This can be verified by one of our Waterproofing Experts running a hose and duplicating the issue.

Its Not the Landscapers Fault


The landscaper’s job it to make things look pretty, our job is to make things dry. The solution is what we call Exterior Waterproofing Membrane. The area to be sealed is determined. The installers dig just slightly below the surface and strike a line just below the top of the first course of bricks. They first clean the area the membrane is to be applied. Then the membrane is trowel applied to control the thickness. After a 24-hour curing period, the landscaping is returned to normal. The only thing visible is a perfectly straight line of membrane hardly detectable by someone not looking for it.

It is an elegant solution to a waterproofing problem very few people know exists. But with our 30+ years of construction experience, we are able to diagnose and solve almost every waterproofing problem. If you have a vexing water problem, click here Book Online or call 815-245-6890