The Solution for Unsightly Crack Repairs

crack repair

A frequent comment I hear from clients is the way crack repairs look after completion. They see the smeared on epoxy bonder with unsightly injection ports leave the repair looking messy. We see it too! While the products we use offer a Lifetime Warranty and we know they work, I agree that the final product is often less that attractive for crack repairs. This can also cause concern for potential home buyers who see this as a foundation issue and not a simple crack that was repaired and the lifetime warrantee transfers to them. That’s where we step in.




crack repairs

                                               Seal and Peel

Midwest Waterproofing has a solution for crack repairs. It’s a removable top coat that holds the product being injected in the crack but can be removed along with the injection ports within a few days. Ground smooth with the surface of the foundation, when painted, the crack repairs virtually disappears.

Being small, flexible and experienced, we address any homeowners concern. We create a unique solution that meets all your criteria and concerns. The big waterproofers only offer solutions to fit their profit model. Going the extra step is what makes Midwest Waterproofing the ONLY choice. Contact us at 815-245-6890 or Book Online

Frost Heave and Bowing Walls

frost heave

The snow and ice is piling up outside, and it’s only a matter of time before our homes start to experience problems from this. Winter can be cold and unbearable for us, but it can also wreak havoc on our homes. Frost heave is one phenomena that works with the freeze and thaw cycles and can damage your home. Learn a little bit more about frost heave, how it’s caused, and how it can be resolved. Protect your foundation from frost heave this winter!

What is Frost Heave?

A common winter occurrence in the Midwest is that of frost heave. Frost heave is when water penetrates the top layers of soil and saturates it. The resulting effect is heavy, weighed down soil that can begin to push against your foundation. However, the real trouble starts when the water freezes. The soil is now pushing up against the foundation in a new place. When the soil finally unfreezes, it causes the foundation to come back to its original position. This can cause stress on the foundation which leads to cracks in the foundation and the walls. It can also cause some other signs.

Other Common Signs of Frost Heave Damagefrost heave

If you are experiencing damage from frost heave, you may see that you have cracks in your walls or your foundation. However, you may also notice that there are uneven or sloping floors. This is due to the foundation being pushed up unevenly. Additionally, you may see sticking doors or windows that are caused by the same thing. The door frame or window frame is pushed up and the door or window won’t close or open properly and gets “stuck.” These are all common signs of frost heave, but they can also be common signs of other foundation problems like settlement. If you normally haven’t noticed these symptoms, but after a big frost or freeze you do, it’s likely due to frost heave.

Cracked Walls Can Lead to Bowing Walls

When you get cracked walls and foundation, these can eventually lead to bowing walls. This is especially true when the soil outside is still saturated with water after the previous freeze and continues to push against the foundation. Horizontal cracks and a slight bowing can also indicate this. When the bowing is less than two inches, carbon fiber can be used to repair the bowing walls. Carbon fiber strips are installed inside (so no damage to your yard, and able to be installed at all times of the year). They correct and stabilize bowing walls. Plus, they can be painted over and look almost invisible afterwards. Carbon fiber is a great solution to bowing walls in most cases.

Bowing Walls Due to Frost Heave?

If you see bowing walls in your home, whether you are sure they’re from frost heave or not, it’s time to give Midwest Waterproofing a call. We offer homeowners a free estimate, and we can talk through any questions you may have as well. Contact us today for more information about possible solutions for your foundation and waterproofing problems.

Winter Weather’s Effect on Your Foundation

winter weather foundation

We are heading into the heart of the winter. The average temperature in January for Chicago is 30 degrees and February is more of the same. These endless days of freezing temperatures can have a detrimental effect on your foundation.

The ground surrounding your home is perpetually damp. Except in extreme drought conditions, the soil is saturated. Add freezing temperatures to the mix and we get a phenomenon known as “frost heave”.

As water freezes it expands. This can force anything at or below the surface to move upward like squeezing a tooth paste tube. This can be seen when pavers or fence posts seem to magically be jutting upward when you begin your spring projects.

As the freeze continues the frost line goes deeper and puts tremendous force on your foundation. Cracks, leaks, seepage all can occur and a block foundation is more at risk because of the nature of the composition of the hollow concrete block.

Tell tale signs of a foundation issue can be doors and windows that are hard to close, cracks that suddenly appear in the drywall specifically in corners of windows and doors. If your basement is finished, if the bottom of the wall appears to be moving outward, that is a sign of a foundation issue.

When you head downstairs to do the laundry or watch tv, take a moment to look around for signs of foundation damage. The good news is Midwest Waterproofing has the experience and skill to fix any foundation issue. Call us at:  847-245-6890 or Book your appointment Online

Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, and Home Inspectors

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Midwest Waterproofing caters to the specific needs of Real Estate Professionals. Our response time is minutes, not days. You will also not wait impatiently on hold to speak to someone who does not understand the industry. Turn around can be completed within days, not weeks as with larger companies.



With over 30 years in the development, waterproofing and also construction industries, we realize budget is most likely the most important factor when considering a waterproofing solution. We can provide the highest quality work also at the best prices by fostering an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Timing is vital to repairing  properties and getting them back to market in the shortest possible time. Knowing this, we prioritize real estate transactions. Being a smaller, more limber company, we can get you estimates in hours and repairs, like waterproofing or crack repairs, completed in days. 

Lifetime and/or extended transferable warranties gives investors peace of mind in selling a property and also in making sure tenants don’t have any issues in rentals

To get the highest level of customer service for real estate professionals call us at 815-245-6890.  We are a waterproofing, crack repair, foundation repair, and also yard drainage company in Illinois ready to serve you. Our trained and professional contractors do the job right the first time. Call for more  information. 



What We Can’t Do for You

drain pipes

When we have rainfall like we have experienced recently, a homeowner my see some seepage or walk on a wet carpeting in their basement and immediately call Midwest Waterproofing. We love the fact that when you see a water problem, you immediately think of us. However, sometimes there are issues involving water that we do not handle. We firmly believe that we are the best in waterproofing and we want to stay in our lane, so to speak. That’s why we won’t delve into plumbing issues like leaky pipes or backed-up sewers. When we get a call, we ask a series of questions that are designed to dig into the problem and ensure it’s something we are experts in and can offer solutions. Occasionally we do get calls about things we do not repair. In those cases, we are happy to offer a referral to one of our partner providers or explain what the issue could be.  Here are some problems you might experience that we are not experts in.

Plumbing Problems

We do not handle plumbing problems. How do you know whether or not the water is from seepage or plumbing? Here are some tips:

If you are in the city and the water is coming up from the floor drain, it is a plumbing issue. (I know, it seems odd, but the floor drain in the city is connected in most areas to the sewer system. That would require a flood control system. We would be happy to give you a referral to a plumbing partner provider)

Is the water dripping from above? That is either a leaky supply pipe or a leaky drain line. Both would have to be repaired by a plumber.

Is the water coming in from behind a washing machine? It could be the supply or drain lines are leaking. If so, it’s a  plumbing repair.


Is the water coming in from the chimney? This one is tricky. Chimney’s are hollow cavities. If the water is dripping from the cleanout, it’s most likely condensation. If you had a new furnace or high-efficiency water heater installed recently, call the installer and have them check it out.

In the summer, is the water leaking from around the furnace? Again, a tricky one, but check the condensation lines from the furnace. It could be a loose or broken condensation line.

Another problem we see on occasion is what we call “above grade issues”. That is when a window, calking, roof problem or condensation is allowing water in and it cascades down a wall and pools on the floor in the basement. Running a hose on a dry day and soaking the suspected area usually reveals the problem.

We are Here to Help

When you call Midwest Waterproofing, expect an expert to guide you in the right direction. If that is making an appointment, walking you through the process of inspecting your condensate lines or giving you a plumber referral, we are here to help. Call 815-245-6890 or Book Online today!