Downspout Extentions


Why Should I Extend My Downspouts?

Most homeowners don’t even think about where the water from there roof goes. As long as the water makes it into the gutter and into the downspout, that’s all that the resident sees. However, this is only the start of the journey and where the real issues with water begin.

An average roof contains 2000 square feet of “catchment area”. A one-inch rain deluges you roof with over 1,200 gallons of water.  If you have 4 downspouts, each will deliver 300 gallons of water right next to your foundation if your downspouts are not extended. This creates a series of problems from erosion which can lead to foundation sinking, to standing water which is susceptible to freezing and heaving the foundation. Every foundation issue I have encountered was from water not directed away from the foundation. Foundation issues are a serious matter and cost serious money.

When a foundation is excavated, a larger hole than the actual size of the foundation is dug to accommodate workers, materials and machines. This “over-dig” is usually 4-5 feet larger that the foundation. When the soil is disturbed, it cannot be replaced with the same compaction as mother nature did over millions of years. Thus you are left with a vulnerable porous area surrounding your home.



The solution is down spout extensions

The existing downspout is cut just below grade level and a Debris Filter is installed to allow any material to be diverted from the system keeping it clog-free.  A 6” PVC runs underground at least 10” from the home to a “bubbler pot” which is set in a bed of gravel. This allows water to permeate into the soil and a top pops up to allow any excess water to flow onto the soil. Remember, this is occurring 10 feet away, far from the vulnerable over-dig area.






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