Floor Cracks Can Be Repaired

floor staples cut

Basement and garage floor cracks: a lot of companies say they are cosmetic in nature and should be left alone. Since we all know concrete cracks can be quite the problem, sometimes just leaving them alone is not good enough.  There are plenty of solutions available to reliably and professionally repair cracks.

In the case of finishing the basement or installing a decorative floor coating, we typically recommend using carbon fiber to “stitch” the crack and stabilize it. This is very effective in reducing concrete cracking when overlaying a decorative coating or epoxy surface.

The process is can be completed in a few hours. However, only a trained installer should “stitch” a crack. Midwest Waterproofing works with Rhino Carbon Fiber to ensure the installation is completed correctly.

We “stitched” the floor in preparation of the basement being finished. The homeowner wanted a decorative, durable finish on the floor but did not want crack forming and ruining the seamless look.

It’s important not to confuse floor crack and wall cracks. Vertical cracks in foundation walls require a different type of solution.  If you have concrete floor cracks that need to be evaluated, please contact Midwest Waterproofing at 815-245-6890 or Book Online.


Using Carbon Fiber Repairs to Fix Bowing Walls

fixing bowing walls with carbon fiber repairs

Weakened basement or foundation walls may begin to bow and lean. This can seriously weaken your home or business’ structural integrity and in extreme cases can cause a collapse. A collapse would not only cause a mess, it would be extremely expensive to fix. If your foundation walls are bowing, carbon fiber repairs may be a great way to provide support and stability to your foundation walls and avoid any further movement and damage.

When Carbon Fiber Repairs are a Good Ideacarbon fiber repair bowing wall

Carbon fiber is one of a few solutions when it comes to bowing walls. Contact a professional so they can examine your bowing wall. They will be able to tell how far it has bowed or leaned and if there are any further foundation problems. Once they determine the problems, they can help you decide which solution will provide you with the best fix, long-lasting results, but that also fits your budget. We also offer financing options. Our main goal is to help you!

Carbon Fiber is strong, effective, budget-friendly, and can be covered with paint after installation since they are only 1/8 of an inch thick. This repair option won’t ruin your decor or cause any major disruptions to your home. These strips do not rust or decay, so you can count on them for years to come. Protect your foundation and your home with carbon fiber!

Midwest Waterproofing provides a variety of solutions including carbon fiber repair and steel wall braces. Contact us today for a free estimate and inspection. We provide residential and commercial repair services including foundation repair, waterproofing, and yard drainage. So, no matter what your problem is, we can help you fix it. We service Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois including the Chicagoland area. If you are in this area and in need of repairs, make sure to call the professionals here at Midwest Waterproofing!