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Abandon Below Grade Window

Midwest Waterproofing usually has several ways to solve a water proofing problem. There are different needs for each homeowner and we try to tailor our solution to their unique situation.  One that we ran into recently is called Abandon Below Grade Window. The homeowner had a window well and an old window that was in an area of the basement where it was no longer needed. She had the window and well removed and bricked over. This lasted for a few years until it began to leak again. Exasperated, she called Midwest Waterproofing.


Our 30+ years of construction experience gives us the insight to solve any seepage issue.  


We attacked the problem by removing all the previous work. It might seem like overkill but when we do a job and warranty work, we want to ensure all aspects are done correctly. We do not accept another party’s work in our solution unless they work with us. We then re-bricked the opening allowing for the mortar to dry. Then we applied an Elastomeric Coating and allowed that to cure for 24 hours. We also sealed a crack that had started from the lower corner of the window.

The last day the guys replaced the soil and placed the decorative rocks they removed earlier. The result is a waterproof warrantied seal for a fraction of the cost of extensive window well and drainage replacement.

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