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Is That a Sump Pump or an Ejector Pump?

At Midwest Waterproofing we strive to educate homeowners to as to how the mechanical systems in their home work. Our best customer is an educated customer. We take the time to not only explain how our solution will fix the problem but how other systems work and how they can contribute to the problem. I often run into homeowners who mistake their sump pump with their ejector pump. Let’s see if we can clear up the confusion.

Lets start with the main differences. Simply stated the sump pump moves ground water. An ejector pump moves, how shall we say, dirty water.

First, the sump pump. Your home may have a perimeter drain tile system that gathers water and collects it into a sump pit. The pump discharges this water to the exterior. There are exceptions such as the City of Chicago. A proper exterior discharge system is vital. Water needs to be at least 10’ away from the foundation. Midwest Waterproofing is an expert in sump pump discharge systems.

A common misnomer is that the sump pump running is bad, that it means there is water under the house. Actually this is a good sign. You want that ground water, which is under every house, moving into the drain tile system and discharging outside. If it’s raining and your sump pump is not kicking on, that’s not a good sign. Call Midwest Waterproofing for a sump pump check-up. The lifespan of a good quality pump is 5-7 years. Give us a call for a free consultation if you think your pump is beyond its useful lifespan.

The Ejector pump moves water from the sink, washing machine, etc. and discharges it into the sewer or septic system.  If there is a basement bathroom, the ejector pump move effluent from the shower, toilet and sink. An ejector pump rests in a closed system that is vented to remove gasses. A sump pump rests in an open system that is collecting ground water from around the foundation.

Midwest waterproofing does not handle ejector pump issues. We can direct you to a Partner Provider who can help. We strongly recommend a battery backup pump. A power outage can render your sump system worthless in a storm, when you really need it. Contact Midwest Waterproofing at 815-245-6890 or Book Online.