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Window Well Trouble

How to Fix a Flooding Window Well

A window well filling with water can lead to disaster. If the well is below-grade, meaning below the surface of the ground, the window in your basement is the only thing standing between you and a waterfall. A tell-tale sign you have a window well filling up is a water line on the window where the well has filled up in the past. Its just a matter of time until the pressure on the window becomes too great and it collapses, creating an uncontrollable cascade of hundreds of gallons of water inundating and ruining everything in its way. Water will continue to pour into your basement during the storm as there is virtually no way to stop it.

These are the Next Steps to Take

  • Check the window well drain for for debris. Leaves, paper, etc., can clog the drain. Clear the debris and run a hose to determine if that fixed the problem
  • Has the well itself pulled away from the house allowing water to run in behind the well along the exterior wall?
  • Is the well cover broken or missing?

If the drain is cleared but is not allowing water to drain, there is an underground issue. Rather than incurring the cost and mess of digging up your yard looking for a clear connection, we have a clever and elegant solution.

Midwest Waterproofing’s Solution

We simply core through the foundation, run a pipe inside and along the wall,  to an existing sump pump (cored opening is sealed with epoxy). On the outside, we install a new window well, drain and cover. This is extremely cost effective with far less mess and disruption. It can even be done to finished basements!

Midwest Waterproofing only sells galvanized corrugated window wells which are much more durable than plastic

Unlike the big-box stores, our covers are meant to last and prevent water infiltration and injuries. Our custom-fit window well covers are designed to withstand 500 lbs.  An absolute must  around pets and children

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