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Wall Straightening

Cracked WallWhen a poured concrete or concrete block foundation is leaning or bowing inward severely, typically more than four inches, the foundation wall should be excavated and straightened.

As with any wall stabilization repair, it must be an engineered repair with the proper permits being obtained. The process is a permanent repair and is more cost-effective than removing and replacing the foundation.

Wall Straightening Solutions

Midwest Waterproofing offers a variety of wall straightening solutions to keep your home strong, stable, and secure.

Steel Wall Braces

Steel wall braces are suitable for a poured concrete or block foundation wall. The wall shouldn’t be leaning or bowing more than four inches for the braces to be effective. Steel braces are a cost-effective method of keeping your foundation wall from bowing further or even collapsing. Midwest Waterproofing has years of experience installing steel wall braces.

Carbon Fiber

Strips of carbon fiber are a good solution for walls that leaning or bowing less than two inches. The carbon fiber strips are strong and won’t rust or decay. Another bonus of carbon fiber strips is that they can be covered after installation, as they are only 1/8″ thick. The experts at Midwest Waterproofing can quickly and effectively install carbon fiber wall strips.

Contact Midwest Waterproofing for Wall Straightening

If you have a severely bowing or leaning foundation wall, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation. Our experienced team can provide a complete engineered solution to any of these problems.

It is important that you keep your walls straight and strong. Your home relies on the foundation for its support. If the walls are weakened or fail, your home can be damaged or could even collapse. Protect your family from injury and your home from damage with wall stabilization from Midwest Waterproofing.

If you want to learn more about foundation repair, visit our Education Center. We look forward to keeping your home strong and stable in the Chicagoland area.