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Wall Braces

If you have a poured concrete or concrete block foundation wall that is leaning or bowing inward less than four inches, it can typically be stabilized with steel wall braces. These braces are a cost-effective way to keep the foundation wall from moving any further and eliminating the possibility of a structural failure which would cause severe damage to the structure above.

It is important that the situation is inspected by an experienced business like Midwest Waterproofing. We can determine the best way to fix the problem in addition to figuring out what caused the issue.

Types of Steel Wall Braces

Steel wall braces can come in a few different forms; I-beams, C-channel or square/rectangular tubing. Regardless of shape, a structural engineer needs to design the system and permits should be obtained as this is a structural repair to the building.

Whether installed on a poured concrete foundation or a concrete block foundation wall, the process of installing steel wall braces is the same. The steel braces are to be secured at the top and the bottom to permanently keep the foundation wall from moving inward any further. 

If a wall that is leaning or bowing is left alone, eventually it will fail. This could lead to having to rebuild the foundation or the collapse of the home. These options are more costly than having steel wall braces installed.

Keep your home strong and stable with the installation of steel wall braces. Give yourself the peace of mind that your home and family will be safe and secure.

If you have a bowing or leaning foundation wall, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation. Our experienced team can provide a complete engineered solution to any of these problems. If you want to learn more about foundation repair, visit our Education Center.