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ECP/Rhino Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

If you have a poured concrete or concrete block foundation wall that is leaning or bowing inward less than two inches, it can typically be stabilized with carbon fiber wall straps.

Carbon fiber straps are a cost-effective way to stabilize the foundation wall and eliminate the possibility of a structural failure which would cause severe damage to the structure above. As a bonus, since the straps are only approximately an eighth of an inch thick, once installed they virtually disappear and will not interfere with the finishing of the basement.

A carbon fiber strap wall stabilization should be designed by a licensed structural engineer and permits should be obtained as this is a structural repair to the building. Whether installed on a poured concrete foundation or a concrete block foundation wall, the process for installing carbon fiber straps is the same. The wall is prepped for the carbon fiber and once the carbon fiber straps are installed, the top of the foundation wall has to be re-secured to the structure above to prevent further movement.

If you have a bowing or leaning foundation wall, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation. Our experienced team can provide a complete engineered solution to any of these problems. If you want to learn more about foundation repair, visit our Education Center.