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Floor Stabilization

discussing sloping floor repair, floor stabilizationA sloping floor could be a sign of foundation problems. An uneven floor could be caused by movement in the foundation walls.

Some settling in a home is to be expected and shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, however, it is always a good idea to have a foundation repair expert check your home for any major problems.

You may notice a slight sway to the floor or furniture begins to lean. You may also notice door not closing correctly or floors squeaking that never did before.

Sometimes it is easy to see that your floor is uneven, but other times it can be subtle. An easy way to check if your floor is stable is to place a ball in the corners of the room and see if it rolls to a low spot.

Unstable Floors are a Sign of Trouble

An uneven floor can be frustrating and dangerous, in addition to being a big red flag that there is a foundation issue occurring. Don’t ignore a sloping floor, your foundation holds your whole home up. If the foundation weakens or collapses, your home could be damaged or you and your family could be injured.

You may need your basement walls stabilized to prevent further problems. Midwest Waterproofing offers wall braces and carbon fiber wall support solutions to shore up walls and prevent further movement. Keeping your foundation walls strong is an important factor in the stability of your home.

Contact Midwest Waterproofing today to see if these floor stabilization options are right for you. We’ll inspect your property and determine the cause of the issue. Once we take care of the underlying problem, we can repair any damage that may have been caused by the issue.

Midwest Waterproofing offers free inspections and we will check your home to see if you need floor (or wall) stabilization. To learn more contact us today!