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Floor Cracks Can Be Repaired

Basement and garage floor cracks: a lot of companies say they are cosmetic in nature and should be left alone. Since we all know concrete cracks can be quite the problem, sometimes just leaving them alone is not good enough.  There are plenty of solutions available to reliably and professionally repair cracks. In the case


Waterproofing Terminology Explained

Every profession has their own unique terminology. Plumbers have elbows, bushings and check valves. Software Engineers have viruses, ram and bandwidth. Waterproofing is no different. This article will explain the most common waterproofing terms, so you can become an educated consumer. Hydrostatic Pressure – The pressure exerted by water due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases at


What Is The Difference Damp-Proofing And Exterior Waterproofing?

Chances are good that if you find yourself asking this question that there is moisture entering your basement or crawlspace. Unfortunately, without proper prevention, water can find several ways into your basement and cause damage to both your personal items and the structure of your home. While both damp-proofing and exterior waterproofing will stop the


Why Do I Need A Back-Up Sump System?

I’ve been in thousands of homes in my waterproofing career and some have very expensive finished basements. I’ll always ask if a client has a battery back-up sump pump. I ask because a properly sized back-up system can be a very inexpensive insurance policy against a flooded basement. Many homeowners think insurance will cover the


Help! I Found Cracks In My Foundation!

Spotting a crack in the foundation of your basement is never a fun discovery. Reality is, as a home settles, especially new construction, and the concrete shrinks after it cures, cracks are a real possibility. Not every foundation crack looks the same, they will vary in size and shape. The good news is that not