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Avoiding a Leaking Basement in the Winter

Winter can be hard on your foundation and your basement. During the fall, rain and flurries can make the soil moist, causing it to expand and put pressure on your foundation. This can cause cracking. Any rain or melting snow can leak through these cracks, leaving puddles in your basement. In the winter, the soil


Why you Shouldn’t DIY your Sump Pump Installation

Have you ever been in a situation where your basement has had leaks, puddles, or even flooding? It can be a scary situation because it can ruin your possessions, causes damage to your basement, and it is hard to clean up. It can also lead to a number of problems down the road including mold


Common Problem: Mold & Mildew

Seeing mold and mildew in your basement or crawl space can be worrying. Not only is it a sign of water damage, it can be a health problem for anyone living in the home. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just clean up the mold & mildew. Without fixing the root of the problem, the mold


Where Is Water Seepage Coming From?

When we get a call from a homeowner who lives in the city of Chicago complaining of water in their basement my first question is, “Where is the water coming from?” It’s a key question. Sometimes homeowners don’t know, but if you live in the city and get water in the basement, try to note


Common Problem: Foundation Wall Leaks

In many homes, one of the first times that we notice waterproofing issues is when we have water coming in from the walls. This seepage or foundation wall leak can be due to many different things, but the main reason is usually because of foundation cracks. However, how are these cracks caused? How can they