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Spring Home Foundation Repair

The winter is slowly on its way out and spring is on its way. Thank goodness, right? Snow and ice is beginning to melt, the sun is finally returning, and the grass and trees are becoming green again. When the snow and ice disappear, it may reveal new problems or remind you of old problems


Using Carbon Fiber Repairs to Fix Bowing Walls

Weakened basement or foundation walls may begin to bow and lean. This can seriously weaken your home or business’ structural integrity and in extreme cases can cause a collapse. A collapse would not only cause a mess, it would be extremely expensive to fix. If your foundation walls are bowing, carbon fiber repairs may be


Common Problem: Water in Yard

Do you have that problem spot in your yard where, every time it rains, there’s a puddle? If this spot is close to your home, especially around your foundation, that puddle can cause major damage including sinking, settling, foundation cracks, leaks, and more! The best ways to avoid this are proper gutter installation and making


Avoiding a Leaking Basement in the Winter

Winter can be hard on your foundation and your basement. During the fall, rain and flurries can make the soil moist, causing it to expand and put pressure on your foundation. This can cause cracking. Any rain or melting snow can leak through these cracks, leaving puddles in your basement. In the winter, the soil


Don’t DIY your Sump Pump Installation

Have you ever been in a situation where your basement has had leaks, puddles, or even flooding? It can be a scary situation because it can ruin your possessions, causes damage to your basement, and it is hard to clean up. It can also lead to a number of problems down the road including mold