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What is an Egress Window?

Dear Chris, “I read recently about firemen using an Egress Window to enter a home that was on fire. I have never head of this term. Could you explain this to me? “ Sarah, Glen Ellyn, Il.        A vital portion of your safety program is what’s known as Egress. Although municipalities requirements


Elegant Window Well Solution

Abandon Below Grade Window Midwest Waterproofing usually has several ways to solve a water proofing problem. There are different needs for each homeowner and we try to tailor our solution to their unique situation.  One that we ran into recently is called Abandon Below Grade Window. The homeowner had a window well and an old


Window Well Trouble

How to Fix a Flooding Window Well A window well filling with water can lead to disaster. If the well is below-grade, meaning below the surface of the ground, the window in your basement is the only thing standing between you and a waterfall. A tell-tale sign you have a window well filling up is