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Why Do I Need A Back-Up Sump System?

I’ve been in thousands of homes in my waterproofing career and some have very expensive finished basements. I’ll always ask if a client has a battery back-up sump pump. I ask because a properly sized back-up system can be a very inexpensive insurance policy against a flooded basement. Many homeowners think insurance will cover the


Don’t DIY your Sump Pump Installation

Have you ever been in a situation where your basement has had leaks, puddles, or even flooding? It can be a scary situation because it can ruin your possessions, causes damage to your basement, and it is hard to clean up. It can also lead to a number of problems down the road including mold


Is That a Sump Pump or an Ejector Pump?

At Midwest Waterproofing we strive to educate homeowners to as to how the mechanical systems in their home work. Our best customer is an educated customer. We take the time to not only explain how our solution will fix the problem but how other systems work and how they can contribute to the problem. I often