Concrete Foundation Wall Cracks and How to Repair Them

Foundation Crack

Poured foundation foundations are one of the most common and durable types of foundations used to support buildings. They are used because they are durable, easy to construct and take less time to build than a masonry foundation wall. While a poured concrete foundation is very strong and durable, it can have many issues as well. The most common issue is with cracks that can leak water into a crawlspace or basement.

These cracks can occur due to conditions when the concrete is poured, soil conditions around the foundation as well the shape of the foundation itself. Typical foundation cracks, under 1/8” in thickness are expected, considered normal and not a major cause for structural repair. They can, however, be a source for water intrusion into the basement or crawlspace and should be fixed, whether actively leaking or not. It is our experience that an existing foundation crack will eventually leak at some point.

Diagnosing foundation cracks is pretty straightforward. In the case of an unfinished basement or crawlspace, they are easily seen because the foundation wall is exposed. In the case of a finished basement, cracks can be identified by finding the first point of entry into the basement and looking at the exterior of the building. Foundation cracks are predictable in that they almost always follow a relatively vertical path from the bottom of the foundation wall to the top and can be seen from the exterior where the foundation wall is visible above grade.

How to Repair Concrete Foundation Wall Cracks

If the basement or crawlspace foundation walls are accessible, a urethane crack injection is the preferred method of repair due to its high success rate and relatively low cost. Another advantage of the urethane material is that is expands to fill the entire crack, effectively stopping the water on the exterior of the building. Urethane crack repairs, once cured, remain slightly flexible as well so seasonal movement of the foundation wall caused by expanding soil conditions and frost do not compromise the repair.

If the basement space is finished, an exterior option may be preferred if you do not want to cut open the wall to expose the crack or if mechanical equipment like furnaces and water heaters are in the way. There are two typical options for exterior crack repair, a waterproof membrane or a sodium bentonite clay application. Both work exceptionally well, which one is best for you situation depends on a few factors.

If cracks are bad enough, foundation repairs may be needed. Underpinning helps to close and prevent future cracks, as well. If your home is also experiencing problems like sloping floors or sticking windows or doors, foundation repairs will help get rid of those too. No matter what, we’ll help you figure out which repairs are best for you, your budget, and your home!

Our staff, with their years of experience, can help determine which crack repair method is right for your situation. If you think you have a foundation crack, contact Midwest Waterproofing for a free consultation.

Get Foundation Crack Repairs from a Team of Professionals

foundation crack repairs

Finding a crack in your foundation may not seem like a huge problem, especially since they can be so common. If you live in an older home, you definitely have seen them before. Filling them with caulking may seem like an easy and quick solution, it does not fix the root of the problem. Caulking can help keep water and pests out of your home, but cracks will continue to get worse because the root of the problem is foundation sinking and settling. The only way to get true foundation crack repairs is by taking care of the foundation problems first!

What Types of Homes Are Most Likely to Get Foundation Cracks?

foundation crack repair

Older homes, homes that do not have proper drainage, or homes that are built on poorly compacted soil are most likely to deal with foundation problems, but all homes and businesses are at risk. On top of foundation cracks, you may encounter leaks, water damage, wood rot, mold and mildew, sloping floors, sticking doors and windows, and more! The only way to truly get rid of these issues is with foundation repairs using underpinning products such as helical piers and steel push piers. This process will secure your home’s foundation by driving piers deep into load bearing soil and using those piers to lift and stabilize your foundation.

If you are in need of foundation crack repair, contact us here at Midwest Waterproofing! We offer foundation repair services and use underpinning products from a top quality manufacturer, Earth Contact Products (ECP), so you can be sure you are getting the best repairs possible. Repairs from Midwest Waterproofing will last you and your home a lifetime so that your family can feel safe and secure in your home without having to worry about foundation problems. Contact us today to set up an inspection and estimate or to learn more about our services and what we offer!


Prepare for Spring Showers with Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing

Spring is finally here in the Midwest and it can be a beautiful time of year. The combination of warmer temperatures and rain make the landscape bloom and turn green. It can be the perfect time to get together with friends and family and enjoy all of the new life that is growing around us. Unfortunately, that rain is not always kind to homeowners and their basements. If a home is not properly waterproofed, it can cause havoc in a basement. Depending on where you live in the Midwest, you may only really need a good sump pump and great drainage, but other homes will need much more than that to keep water away and out of your basement. If the ground around your home slopes down toward your home, your home may basically sit in a puddle all season. That is awful for the stability and longevity of your basement. Homes like this one will likely need two forms of basement waterproofing; internal waterproofing systems (like sump pumps, drain tile, and crack repair) and external waterproofing systems (like an exterior waterproofing membrane and yard drainage).

Regardless of how much waterproofing your home needs, nearly all Midwestern homes need at least one form or another. Here is how you can easily tell if your basement is in need of waterproofing:

  • Basement cracks
  • Water leaks
  • Mold and mildew
  • Wood rot
  • Water stains
  • Flooding

If you are encountering these problems, you need basement waterproofing. If you already have a sump pump and other forms of waterproofing, there is always the possibility that you need a replacement or other forms of waterproofing to keep your basement safe.

leaking basement

Midwest Waterproofing can provide you with the solutions you need to keep your basement safe and dry this spring and for years to come! Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate. We understand that projects like these are often not in the normal homeowner’s budget, but waiting to get these problems fixed will only make them worse and more expensive. That is why we have financing options for your basement waterproofing project. Give us a call today to learn more!


Spring Home Foundation Repair

home foundation repair

The winter is slowly on its way out and spring is on its way. Thank goodness, right? Snow and ice is beginning to melt, the sun is finally returning, and the grass and trees are becoming green again. When the snow and ice disappear, it may reveal new problems or remind you of old problems that you have not had the chance to get repaired. Now is the best time to do a quick inspection of your home and look for signs of foundation issues. Not sure what to look for? Here’s a list of common problems that may be an indicator of deeper foundation problems or water damage:

  • home foundation repairSticking doors or windows
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Cracks around the foundation
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Leaning chimney
  • Uneven or sinking stairs
  • Basement leaks
  • Mold and mildew
  • Wood rot
  • Water in the yard

Found one or more of these issues around your home or business? You may be in need of foundation repairs or waterproofing. If you are in the Southeast Wisconsin or Northeast Illinois area, you do not need to worry. We here at Midwest Waterproofing have your back. We provide top quality services with the highest quality products from Earth Contact Products (ECP). You won’t need to worry about your foundation for years to come.

Midwest Waterproofing: Your Home Foundation Repair Contractors

We provide both residential and commercial foundation repair services and waterproofing. Give us a call today. We will set up an inspection and provide you with an estimate so you know exactly what is wrong and what it will take to fix it. Worried about the cost? We also have financing options. We want to help you make sure your home is safe and secure for you and your family.

Spring is one of the best times to call us for your home foundation repair project. The weather gets sunnier and it is much easier for us to complete projects. Don’t put off repairs! Unfortunately, these foundation issues won’t fix themselves and will only get worse–and more expensive–with time. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

Using Carbon Fiber Repairs to Fix Bowing Walls

fixing bowing walls with carbon fiber repairs

Weakened basement or foundation walls may begin to bow and lean. This can seriously weaken your home or business’ structural integrity and in extreme cases can cause a collapse. A collapse would not only cause a mess, it would be extremely expensive to fix. If your foundation walls are bowing, carbon fiber repairs may be a great way to provide support and stability to your foundation walls and avoid any further movement and damage.

When Carbon Fiber Repairs are a Good Ideacarbon fiber repair bowing wall

Carbon fiber is one of a few solutions when it comes to bowing walls. Contact a professional so they can examine your bowing wall. They will be able to tell how far it has bowed or leaned and if there are any further foundation problems. Once they determine the problems, they can help you decide which solution will provide you with the best fix, long-lasting results, but that also fits your budget. We also offer financing options. Our main goal is to help you!

Carbon Fiber is strong, effective, budget-friendly, and can be covered with paint after installation since they are only 1/8 of an inch thick. This repair option won’t ruin your decor or cause any major disruptions to your home. These strips do not rust or decay, so you can count on them for years to come. Protect your foundation and your home with carbon fiber!

Midwest Waterproofing provides a variety of solutions including carbon fiber repair and steel wall braces. Contact us today for a free estimate and inspection. We provide residential and commercial repair services including foundation repair, waterproofing, and yard drainage. So, no matter what your problem is, we can help you fix it. We service Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois including the Chicagoland area. If you are in this area and in need of repairs, make sure to call the professionals here at Midwest Waterproofing!