Floor Cracks Can Be Repaired

floor staples cut

Basement and garage floor cracks: a lot of companies say they are cosmetic in nature and should be left alone. Since we all know concrete cracks can be quite the problem, sometimes just leaving them alone is not good enough.  There are plenty of solutions available to reliably and professionally repair cracks.

In the case of finishing the basement or installing a decorative floor coating, we typically recommend using carbon fiber to “stitch” the crack and stabilize it. This is very effective in reducing concrete cracking when overlaying a decorative coating or epoxy surface.

The process is can be completed in a few hours. However, only a trained installer should “stitch” a crack. Midwest Waterproofing works with Rhino Carbon Fiber to ensure the installation is completed correctly.

We “stitched” the floor in preparation of the basement being finished. The homeowner wanted a decorative, durable finish on the floor but did not want crack forming and ruining the seamless look.

It’s important not to confuse floor crack and wall cracks. Vertical cracks in foundation walls require a different type of solution.  If you have concrete floor cracks that need to be evaluated, please contact Midwest Waterproofing at 815-245-6890 or Book Online.


Common Problem: Seepage

leaking basement

A common problem we see in our service area is seepage in basement walls and concrete floors. As soil expands around your foundation, cracks will form. This foundation damage can create leaks the bring moisture into your basement or crawlspace. The pressure the builds up on foundation walls caused by excess water in the soil is called Hydrostatic pressure. When there are heavy rains or snow melt, or if you live in an area where there is a lot of water in the soil (like areas all around Lake County) this can be a huge headache for homeowners.

Problem areas include cracks in the floors and walls but also around window wells and cove joints. A cove joint is where the foundation wall meets the foundation floor. Check all these areas for signs of moisture.

What do you do if you have seepage?

Moisture can cause mold, even in small amounts. You can help the situation by having a humidifier installed but you may need to take other measures.

Exterior Waterproofing: If there is too much water around your house it can be because you don’t have proper drainage outside the foundation. We can assess the situation and find a solution that fits your needs.

Interior waterproofing: A sump pump can be installed to remove excess water out and away from your home.

Crack repair: Finding and sealing cracks can prevent further problems. It’s important to have the foundation inspected and any cracks repaired.

Our team can assist with all of these solutions. Book your inspection with us easily online today or just give us a call to set up a time that works for you.